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  • Workshop on “An Ethics Charter for medical device innovation”

Workshop on “An Ethics Charter for medical device innovation”

Starts:November 20, 2023,
Ends:November 20, 2023,

Workshop on “An Ethics Charter for medical device innovation”

Innovators and academic medical scientists who are involved in the development, testing, and initial clinical evaluation of new high-risk medical devices face particular challenges.
In that context, a charter that defines the essential principles of ethical practice would clarify how issues such as unknown risks, requirements for consent, and disclosures of interest should be addressed. To this aim, the CORE-MD team has been reviewing existing knowledge, legal documents and consolidated good practices in order to translate widely accepted ethical principles into practical and specific guidance for the processes of evaluating new high-risk medical devices. Next step in this process is stocktaking the insights collected and based on that, propose a set of recommendations that will be collated in the Ethics Charter.

The workshop arranged on the 20th of November 2023 is thus held to review these, with participation of external experts in medical ethics and law, as well as patient organization representatives and the members of the CORE-MD Ethics Committee. The ultimate goal is to produce an Ethics Charter for medical device innovation that is relevant to all medical specialties stakeholder communities and endorsed by the scientific societies engaged via CORE-MD, such as ESC, EFORT, EAP and the broad Biomed Alliance membership.

Date and time: 20th November 2023, 11:00 – 18:00 CET
Workshop format: hybrid

  • Prof Alan Fraser, European Society of Cardiology/Biomedical Alliance
  • Prof Peter McCulloch, University of Oxford

Venue: European Society of Cardiology, rue de la Loi 34-36 – 1040 Brussels.

Note: the event is not open to the public.