Work Package 5 coordinates and administers the project in technical and administrative terms.


This task (5.1) carries out the day-by-day coordination and management of the Project: monitoring of the ongoing activities, ensuring the timely production of deliverables and completion of tasks in line with the work plan, the smooth enactment of decision-making processes, the implementation of decisions made and the resolution of problems. It encompasses all technical and non-technical activities, such as the coordination and integration of the WPs, technical assistance to WP activities, knowledge transfer, conflict resolution, and the implementation of communication mechanisms among the Project partners. It is also responsible for communication with the European Commission, Reporting, and the coordination of Project Reviews. In carrying out his Project Coordinator’s duties, Alan Fraser (ESC) is supported by the projects’ team at ESC.

The task 5.2 is taking accurate records of costs and resources used, monitoring the progress of the activities and producing the periodic reports (including contractual and administrative ones). It has processed and integrated the participants’ financial statements to date, to request the EU contribution. In particular, the activities to be performed in this task include among others: cost monitoring, accounting, cost statement preparation, the yearly progress report, and coordination of audits.

This task (5.3) defines the quality control procedures of the Project and agrees upon standards, procedures and conventions regarding issues such as documentation, document templates, review procedures, IPR and ethics. During the Project’s implementation, the quality control procedures are being implemented with the supervision of the Project Coordinator. This task also addresses the analysis, identification, monitoring, and management of the risks of the Project and the necessary related mitigation actions. The assessed risks and plans are being revised whenever needed and at least yearly in the occasion of the Project Board meeting (next one planned in April 2023). Task 5.3 is also devoted to data management, including the open access to research data, and to ethical issues. In this regard, the task has counted on the valuable expertise and support from partner RIVM who developed D5.6, the Data Management Plan (DMP) of the CORE-MD project, which compiles a description of the data sets according to the FAIR data principles.